Critical Illness cover

If you suddenly became critically ill, how would your finances cope?

Critical illness cover is an insurance policy for just this situation. Once cover is in place, if the unthinkable happens, you will typically receive a tax free lump sum payment to spend as you wish.

The policy insures a series of specifically defined serious illnesses – such as heart attack, stroke or cancer – for a set term you decide. For instance the period of cover could run until your mortgage is repaid, your children have grown up or even until you retire. Offering products from a panel of leading insurers, we ensure that any policy exclusions will fully meet your needs – and, most importantly, if there are any relevant exclusions that may affect you.

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Income Protection

If illness or injury stops you working, you will likely lose most or all of your income.

If this happens, Income protection insurance replaces part of your income, so you aren’t dependent just on state benefits to survive.

The policy pays out monthly after a period agreed at the start. The longer you delay initial payment, the lower the cost of your monthly premium. Payments continue until you can resume work or, if you can’t, until your retirement age or death. If you have a mortgage to pay, or dependents, Income protection is an essential consideration.

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Life cover

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that at some point we’ll die. And sadly it can happen when we least expect it.

Life cover lets you ensure your dependents and family are left financially secure if you are no longer there to provide. Paying out a lump sum, or a regular income, on death (or sometimes on a terminal prognosis), a policy can cover a defined period (for instance your mortgage term) or even your entire lifetime.

There are two main types of life cover:

  • Term assurance cover pays a guaranteed sum only if you die within a fixed period of time (policy term e.g. 5, 10 or 25 years). They are a cost effective way of arranging cover for a set period (for instance whilst repaying a mortgage).
  • Whole-of-life cover pays out a guaranteed amount whenever you die.

Both types of life insurance require that you continue to make the monthly premiums for as long as the cover is in place.

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Medical cover

Private Medical Insurance Cover allows you to choose, should you wish, to have certain investigations, treatments or procedures done privately, typically at a time and location of your choice. Many families use the NHS routinely, but like the reassurance of having private medical treatment available should the need ever arise. Many NHS consultants also work in the private sector, and several NHS hospitals now also offer private facilities. As Private Medical Insurance comes in several forms, we ensure we fully understand your family needs and concerns.

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